Blockchain-based and decentralized services are becoming pervasive… We respect to decentralized governance.


Providing seamless and collaborative financing strategies and solutions to emerging FinTech and Decentralized Finance initiatives


Optimizing and accelerating the ongoing initiatives according to their scope of workings and futuristic roadmap


Connecting the FinTech and DeFi initiatives include potential individual or corporate investors to drive a profitable joint business venture

Collaborative monetization: Paradigm shifting to cluster financing

Our mission follows a collaborative and joint monetization for sustaining a cumulative ecosystem of innovative ideas and opportunities. As soon as evaluating a proposal, we investigate the capable and possible links to connect the evaluated deck to a financing accelerator.

We at British Capital are following a thesis-driven collaborative investment approach to share the profits of hosting, promoting and accelerating a capable FinTech or DeFi initiative in terms of matchmaking the proposal with a trusted and accomplished individual or corporate financial partner.

Collaborative profit sharing thesis

Portfolio assessment by ISI model

Our portfolio assessment is evaluating through a continuous framework entitled “ISI” includes:
Initiating (pitching a proposal and evaluating it), Scaling (tracking a go to market stage) and Investing (financing a pitched and scaled proposal through a collaborative sharing model in primary and secondary markets).

This website is a general tool of communication with our partners and stakeholders only and should not be assumed as a reference of advising any security or other asset, or an offer to sell and buy our supported initiatives. British Capital is a registered incorporation in Hong Kong and is not registered as an investment proposer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.