As a multidisciplinary business and financial firm, we aim to provide cumulative and supportive solutions to FinTech and Blockchain startup-based companies, communities and groups by investigating their innovative ideas and thoughts.


In alignment with FinTech and Blockchain markets spreading, our financing and consulting strategies lead to various emerging and futuristic decks and initiatives with significant capabilities of growing in global markets.


Founders, partners and stakeholders of British Capital are highly experienced folks interested in reshaping the financial and investment features by allocating new joint ventures with future-oriented and capable startups and technical partners.

Sectors & Features

Financial Technology (FinTech) is changing the paradigm of financial services and many initiatives and solutions are becoming decentralized. We are assessing 30% of total investment allocation to FinTech initiatives and solutions.

Blockchain technology and its applicable solutions are changing the rules of the financial gamification by peer to peer transactions in a decentralized ecosystem. We aim to supply at least 50% of our total annual financing allocation in Blockchain services and applications.

Decentralized Applications (dApps) are developing their multi-using applications by creating and deploying smart contracts on decentralized networks to launch seamless, secure and efficient products. Up to 20% of our total annual financing structure is being assessed to emerging and applicable dApps.


  • Initiating a fundamental idea to setup a financial and consultancy firm for accelerating the FinTech, DeFi and dApp prototypes
  • Managing a core organizational structure for evaluating and assessing the financial and managerial aspects of capable FinTech, DeFi and dApp solutions
  • Connecting with pilot startups and small businesses to evaluate their ideations and find a potential way of partnering with them in terms of creating an initial financing and consulting portfolio
  • Maturing the portfolio to invest in capable and potential FinTech, DeFi and dApp startups up to $100,000,000 in a shared financing venture capital
  • Seeding Round: Initial financing and consultancy for selected startups and team members according to businesses’ natures and roadmaps
  • Scaling Round: Accelerating the portfolio to optimize and speed up the selected startups and teams
  • Maturity Round: Appointing the selected startups and teams to capable and potential markets in connection with individual and corporate service buyers and stakeholders
  • Sustainability Round: Participating in public market offerings (IPO) and profiting from low-risk share dividing in secondary markets